When Manifesting Goes Wrong

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It happens to the best of us. I have done it more recently and I have been practicing for 15 years. It’s when a manifestation goes awry! It leaves you wondering “what the hell happened?” and “screw doing that again!”. Whatever you do, don’t quit magic just because it didn’t go how you expected it to. You should learn from it so that you can do better the next time. I will never forget the time I wanted to manifest abundance. I got abundance all right. So much so I crashed and burned within a week! So, what do you do when your manifestation isn’t up to what you thought it might be?

  1. Review your spellwork. Were you specific? Did your verbal intentions match your emotional intentions? One of the worst things you can do with spell work is being loosey goosey with your words and emotions. A lot of this is born out of the idea that we cannot ask for specific things, that we are going to make a general request and then leave it up to the Universe to decide if we are worthy of anything. Every time I work a money spell, I put clear intentions on what that money is for. Am I paying my phone bill? Am I saving for a trip? Am I working at getting some car repairs done? Guess what? There is nothing wrong with being specific about our desires!
  2. Did you use the right tools? If I am going to do a money spell, I don’t want to be using protection  or love oils in my spell work. Make sure that if you are using tools, those tools will perform the job you need in that moment.
  3. Was it the right time? I never work a money spell during a waning moon. I want to GROW my income! If the timing isn’t right for the nature of your work, wait for the right time. This also can be interpreted as the right time for you to focus. If you aren’t an early morning person, don’t require yourself to wake up at sunrise to perform a spell. If you aren’t fully awake and cognizant, that is not the time to work magic.
  4. Did you really want it to begin with? Let’s imagine I do a spell to obtain a job. Then I get the job. Then I hate the job. Then I quit the job. I have totally done this! Because at the time, I thought I wanted that job but I didn’t do some deep soul-searching work to reveal that I was in the wrong career. I was moving through the motions that I thought was the right thing and it was completely wrong. Not only did I get what I manifested…..I hated it. Do the soul-searching work to make sure you really want what you are about to manifest.
  5. Did you do all the mundane work to manifest? The biggest key to successful manifestation is that you do the mundane work around achieving your goals. The magic is just a nudge, not the entire working! If you didn’t get that job you wanted because you lit a candle and then sat and waited…..of course it won’t work!

No matter what, don’t give up on your manifestation skills just because something didn’t work out. There are other factors that can come into play, other people that you cannot manipulate and can change the course of action. You can find your manifestation mojo and truly start acheiving your goals in a healthy and productive way. Once you figure your method out, you will be manifesting like crazy!

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