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Kennedy Trail Tree

The New Year is upon us and I have been focused on setting some goals (both spiritually and financially) for next year. I have scheduled a few more events to finish out this calendar year and I am hoping to squeeze one or two more in as time goes by. Here is what I am hoping to accomplish the next year:

  1. Complete the Hel Anthology I will be starting for NaNoWriMo. I am not so much as concerned about writing the whole thing in November but rather, use November to get motivated and really dive into it. Finishing it can come later in the year. I do want to finish it. Whether it’s published or not remains to be seen.
  2. Have my student curriculum finished and take on students (even if it’s just one person!).
  3. Boost my writing endeavors. I am making a bit of money now and would like to see it grow. These articles are typically not spiritual in nature and that is fine. I can’t make it ALL about spirituality ALL the time.
  4. Start a Patreon account. I am considering offering up prayers, rituals, and videos on my workshops. A majority of it will be content offered up to students and so it’s not extra content creation.
  5. Travel more. I really like having a home base but I really want to spread my wings and see my distant community. I am thinking that by the time my son moves out on his own, I could very well be living nomadically. But that’s a bit too far ahead of the goals to really worry about.

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