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So I recently had a meeting with a contact at the local hospital about volunteering to sit vigil with the dying, particularly those alone. Looks like I have a few hoops to jump through and initially I was overwhelmed by that. But ultimately I decided that those hoops are in place to make sure that I am very determined to do what I am called to do. So the very next step is to do some clergy training at the hospital and get a clergy badge for admittance. Then I will talk some more with them on how to volunteer my time and how I fit into their chaplain program that is already in place. I certainly won’t be making any money at this but I think it’s a fantastic start anyway. I still have a long list of people to talk to and just haven’t had the time.


I also had a friend contact me about a possible business venture downtown. I won’t be revealing what that is just yet but we are researching what we need to do to get that into place. Right now it’s something seasonal. Who knows what direction it could go in! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

Life threw me a curveball recently and I am reeling from it. But I am hanging on to those things that I am called to do and embracing that not only am I one tough chick, but I am also one really smart chick. I will get through this somehow. I have been repeatedly told that I am made for challenges. It would just be nice to experience an easy time for longer than a few months.

I don’t want to end this on a bad note so my gratitude for today is awesome friends, resourcefulness, and the Divines. I couldn’t do this without any one of them.

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