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So I have been a busy bee finding legitimate writing gigs. It’s awfully hard considering that many sites you pitch and compete with others over rates. Thus driving  your pay down because the client wants the fastest and cheapest option. I simply cannot sell myself that short. But I am finally connecting with some people and finding real sites with real options. I am waiting to hear back  from a couple of connections on whether or not I will be doing some work for them. Pitching is scary work. I don’t feel like I am the greatest at selling myself to anyone. But since it’s all done by written word, it’s easier.

With Mercury going direct, communications very quickly cleared up and suddenly things were getting set up. Not necessarily in the freelance world, rather my personal life. And that is fantastic as the last 2 months have been incredibly frustrating and awful. So I am hoping with those things finally clearing up, my efforts at freelancing will start to see some fruition. I am not expecting tons and tons of work to start, I am reminding myself to be realistic. But overall, I just want to see something land my way soon.

I also have been dealing with this urge to write something book wise. I don’t know what it is. Someone a long time ago suggested that I write about my journey into my life now. But is my life THAT interesting? I don’t know. Still trying to figure out what that thing is that is gnawing at the back of my head.

I have some fantastic events coming up, some you can see on the Events Page. My stuff for this weekend is not. I am doing a class with some folks in which we begin studying the Viking Language. I am super excited about this! I already started some of the studies but I have yet to actually hear any of the language being spoken so that I am lacking. But I figured we might get to go over that on Saturday. Sunday we are celebrating Mabon at the Temple. Cannot wait. I miss my congregation like crazy. Feels like I haven’t seen them in forever. Which isn’t true, just saw them at full moon!

That’s it for now. Hoping to have more to chat about on Monday 🙂

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