The Various Forms of Divination

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Divination, that part of practice that it seems all pagans seek out. Tarot is naturally the most popular divination tool to date. During my own journey with divination, I quickly became frustrated with Tarot and have never really done it well. I can pull a card or two and interpret them but beyond that and I get a headache. So I spend my time collecting decks because I love the art work.

There are of course other forms of divination. If you have spent any time with me in real life, or have spent 5 minutes on this site, then you know I am a scryer. It’s an intuitive form of divination in which I use a mirror or a crystal ball to channel the energy and act as a seer.

I currently know someone who does readings using bones and connects with the ancestors. Yet another friend performs divination with coffee grounds, and you have to drink the coffee first! There are truly many ways to divine and connect in our own ways.

Other methods to consider include:

  • cloud scrying
  • water scrying
  • dowsing
  • pendulum
  • astrology
  • numerology
  • bibliomancy
  • palmistry
  • observing patterns in melted wax
  • looking for patterns in a fire
  • feng shui
  • I Ching
  • dream interpretations
  • ouija boards

The key to figuring out which thing to try is to go with your gut. If there is something that really pulls to you (a deck of cards, a specific pendulum, etc) go with it. Learn all you can about the history of that specific form of divination and try it. See if it resonates deep within you. If it doesn’t, then you learned a little something new and you can move on to something else. But if you do, well you just opened up a whole new world for yourself!

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