The Magic of Manifestation

by angela 2 Comments
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Manifestation is one of the most powerful tools that a witch can master. While I can’t say I have truly “mastered” the art of manifestation, I certainly do it well. For day to day manifestations (I want to get extra work booked, I need to figure out child care on the fly, etc), I don’t worry about much more than sitting in a meditative state and sending my wish out to the universe. I do have a money candle that I use often to ensure that I am taken care of financially. For long-term manifestations, I will utilize the power of the moon phase. For transition in a long term project or desire, I use the full moon. If I am about to engage in something brand new, I use the new moon. By “using the moon” I mean I conduct my own ritual that is designed to honor my Divinities and petition for their assistance.

One of the reasons why I think my manifestation skills have served me well is because I have not forgotten the most important rule. Thou Shalt Do Thy Work & Work Hard For What Thine Wants. Without actually doing the mundane and dirty work, I won’t manifest my desires. If I want to add a new client to my workload, I do my manifestation work and then I set about to actually get that client. If I need to bulk up some money in the bank, I will light my money candle, think about the bills I need to pay for, and then I go find the work to achieve the money.

Manifestation is not about working magic to achieve something out of nothing. If you come to magic thinking you can light a candle, sit back, wait, and that bank account will magically grow……..you don’t understand magic at all. The way I think of manifestation is really just a small push. A little nudge to keep things moving along. And my working hard not only helps me achieve my goals, it shows the Universe and the Divines that I am serious about my wants.

One of the hardest parts about manifestation is whether or not I really want what I think I want. There have been times in which I thought I wanted something, worked for it, added a little manifestation to the mix, and got it. Only to find out later that it was not a good fit for me. Was that “bad” magic? Nope. It may not even have been a mistake. The outcome may have very well suited me at that time until I moved on to a bigger and better thing. And what happens if you aren’t sure what you want? If you truly aren’t sure if you want it or not, you probably won’t put forth a true effort to achieve it and you won’t see it manifest. Our actions often reveal what we truly desire rather than our words.

Manifestation magic is the one practice all witches really should adopt. When done properly, without expectations of grandeur for nothing, we can usually succeed in reaching our goals and desires. May 25th is the next new moon and a supermoon for those who think it adds an extra kick. What will you try and manifest?

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  1. ReplyMorgen Marshall
    Hey, Angie, Manifestation is a way to focus attention. It points my thoughts toward my goal. Knowing what I want to achieve is great, but actually achieving it is something else again... I find that what I think about most will happen. What I put the most energy into will happen. What I Fear most will happen.
    • Replyangela
      Absolutely! I thought that discussing manifesting the negative and fears into our lives was for another day. Glad you mentioned!

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