The Joys of Protection

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Protection is one of the easiest workings, and often most ignored, that a witch can engage in. It’s often ignored because we move through our mundane world so fast, we forget to take a moment and work protection before stepping out into the world. For some, doing a daily protection spell seems silly. While I encourage all spellwork to be done as you see fit, I will also argue for a daily spell to protect you from things you don’t see and yet experience later.

I have witnessed gentrification overtake a city I once loved living in. I moved away because of gentrification and still visit regularly, most of my friends are in the area. Around the time of the 2016 elections, I noticed an ugly energetic shift happen. The political climate combined with gentrification, we are seeing a toxic energetic level spiking through the city. I have been routinely advising people to do protection work because it’s so gross to walk through the town and be energetically open.

What is truly happening is that people carrying their anger (and there is a lot of it in our current society) and it just sloughs off of them. Other people walk through and pick it up. Then they walk through another part of the town, feeling angry and anxious and it comes off of them. Someone else picks it up. It becomes this ugly energetic psychically transmitted disease of anger, hostility, and anxiousness.

The only way I can come into the city is by protecting myself. The few times that I haven’t, I have become angry and lashing out. It’s an unhappy place to be and I work it consciously in order to save my own sanity.This is why I encourage a daily protection spell. You just never know when you are going to pick up someone else’s energetic crap and carry it on.


Your choice of a protection spell should be one that is easy for you to do each morning and doesn’t take a lot of time. Herbal sachets are one that I highly recommend, they can be easy to put together and easy to carry inside a pocket. To create one you will need:

  • a square piece of fabric (any size will do)
  • yarn at least 6 inches in length, long enough for the fabric you are working with.
  • your favorite herbs for protection (acorn, bay leaf, black haw, calendula, chia, etc)

Hold the fabric in one hand and cover with the other. Think about a bubble of protection all around you and put that energy into your that piece of fabric. Take a pinch (or a single piece) of a herb and focus on specifics around your protection. Maybe it’s for safe travels through hectic roads? You want to do this two more times, a total of three herbs and specific protective intentions for each one. Pull the fabric up by each corner and use the yarn to tie it closed. If the string is long enough, you can hang it from your rearview mirror. If not, you can simply slip it into your pocket. If you start to feel out of whack during the day, hold it in your hand and ground yourself.

Protection is important! Don’t wait until your are suffering from someone else’s crud to sheld yourself. That’s just more work in the long run.

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