The Cup of Jamshid

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The Cup of Jamshid is one of the oldest stories about scrying you can find. It comes out of Ancient Persia, which is now Iran. Inside the cup with this magical elixir that could give anyone eternal life if they sipped from it. Something like the Fountain of Youth. However, I have yet to find stories in which anyone drank from this cup. I am assuming there is something out there, perhaps lost since it’s always associated with the cup. What I love is that when the ruler of Persia looked into the cup, he could see all across the land and into the heavens. He could see everything and know everything. But it wasn’t to be used lightly or for ill-will. It could only be used if it benefited all of the cupholders people.

The cup eventually changed into a crystal ball, most notably in The Heroic Legend of Aslan. More often than not, people don’t comprehend what I do unless I tell them I use a crystal ball. It’s the most common image that a person can relate to. However, when I teach scrying, I teach about all the different methods and I teach the mirror as the introductory into scrying. Rather than a crystal ball!

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