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From A. Estep 03-06-16:

Just had my first ever scrying session (reading?).

Holy crap. Amazing. 😲

I’m a believer.


From Anonymous 01-03-16 :
Angela is easy to talk to, insightful and comfortable with her abilities.


From Fern W 10-5-15:
I have had 2 readings so far and both times have been spot on. Angela has picked up on details that were very accurate. Mixed in with her talented viewing of myself and my life, she interjects really sound advice. I have taken that advice twice and it was beneficial. So far things that she felt were coming in the future have come to pass. The best reading will happen if you are open and honest with the scryer. Don’t withhold feed back. Sometimes the words used to reference something may be a little off, but the meat of the message definitely applies. She is a great scyer and I hope you are a great scry-ee! It is a two way street. I intend to make meetings with Angela a habit. I won’t overdo, but I am coming back to her.