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Below are a list of services with rates. More to come as more services are requested and I figure out how to charge for them.

Private Scrying session: $2/min. If I have to travel over 30 miles, I will charge the current tax rate for miles on top of the regular rate. For 2016 that rate is $.54 per mile. I do have some resources for locations and I am not shy about reading in a public place. Just let me know how comfortable you are!

House Blessing: For non-MGT members, $15 for approximately 30 minutes for blessing each room and the land. I include a free consultation. I will bring all tools necessary.

Workshops: I offer a wide variety of workshops in regards to practical witchery, Norse & Egyptian deities, and Scrying. If you are a shop looking for classes to fill your community room, feel free to contact me. Most workshops are $10 per person (Scrying is $35 and includes a mirror for participants to take home to practice with) and are about one hour long. If I need to travel over 30 miles, I will increase that rate to $15 per person to cover the mileage. I can also offer pre-registration via Square with a discounted rate. If you are a festival looking to fill in spots, I am open to discussing a waiver of the fee for participants. Just message me and we will talk about it!

Funeral Rite Planning: If you’d like to plan what your funerary rite will look like (flowers, song, poetry, order of service, etc), I will be happy to sit down and speak with you about that. The current rate is $15 for 30 minutes of planning. I do encourage that the executor of your estate, or simply a dear friend whom you trust, be present to understand what will be taking place.

Funeral Services: I do NOT charge for funeral services. I am happy to lend my time to facilitating a service for yourself or a loved one. Email me and let me know what you and the family need!