Q& A With a Scryer

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I am often asked several questions in regards to paid divination and I often touch upon ethics when teaching divination. I wanted to share with you some of those questions and the answers I provide.

Q: Do you tell people about the readings you do?

A: I would be surprised if I remembered. Readings between me and a person are between me and that person. In a lot of ways, the readings reflect what the client already knows. They simply need to hear it come from someone else in order to solidify truth. Very personal things come up in a reading and it would feel very inappropriate for me to share with others those personal details. Additionally, when I am sitting in a shop for several hours doing readings, I usually forget. Sometimes I can be triggered by memory if I see that person later on or if it’s someone I have routinely done divination for. But I never mention it unless they do. Some people I simply don’t remember at all.

Q: Do you ever see a horrible crash that results in death? Will you tell someone if they will die?

A: Beleive it or not, I don’t see everything. I see what the guides want you to know. I may see a health concern that I will inform you of and encourage you to see a doctor, I never offer medical advice beyond seeing a doctor! To date, I have never seen anyone I am divining for dying horribly or suddenly. In cases of death, I have foretold death for family and pets in the past. It’s a difficult decision to be able to share that knowledge. In all of the cases, these were terminally ill people or animals and so it wasn’t a complete shock. Because I could see that this was a long time coming, it made it “easier” to pass that information on. 

When I teach scrying, I emphasize the importance of being comfortable with a decision to tell or not. Not everyone is comfortable with looking at a client and confirming that Dad won’t make it to winter. That is perfectly okay. However, I do challenge people to consider if they would feel guilt for not passing that information on. Sometimes we are okay with our decision initially until we get word later on. We can be overwhelmed with the guilt even though there may have been nothing we could do to change the outcome. 

Q: Shouldn’t you offer your services free?

A: My short answer is no! My question for you would be, do you work for free? Yes, I charge for my services. The time I spend in a shop to offer my abilities takes me away from other work opportunities and away from my family. It costs me money to drive to the shop and I pay a fee to the shop I am working in. So yes, I should charge for my services.

I don’t solely offer my services for money. I have arranged for offering my scrying class at festivals and conferences without pay. I sometimes engage in divination fundraisers for organizations or to help a person in need. I don’t always make money for what I do!

Q: How often should I get readings?

A: Ultimately it’s up to you. I highly recommend waiting around 3 months. While no reading is set in stone, there are just too many variables that could alter the outcome of anything I tell you, you want enough time to pass to see if there is a change. If you visit a reader every month, you are wasting your money hearing essentially the same thing over and over again. If you visit weekly, please stop! It’s just too much and an indication you are obsessing too much about a situation in your life. If you are that concerned, I highly recommend a therapist to work out your feelings surrounding that issue. 


Hopefully, this helps a majority of you with any questions you have in regards to readings and practices. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me at akunschmann@gmail.com!

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