Prepping For The Holiday Season

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Here in my little corner of the world, I am in the mad dash to get all of my holiday affairs in order before Thanksgiving. While I am not a big into Turkey Day (as I really prefer to call it), I do engage in a nice dinner with my kids when I have them and with my friends when I don’t. This year my dinner will be at friends’ house that is doing an orphans-dinner sort of event.

Turkey Day also signifies the crazy season…..or at least how I see it. Because the crazies come out and invade all the stores. So I prefer to get my eldest daughters birthday presents and all my Yule gifts purchased before Turkey Day. So if I am in a store, it’s to get much-needed sustenance for my home. Or supplies. And I do my best to buy as much as I can online. It’s funny because I am in a retail store working my reading abilities at least once a week. Fortunately it’s limited and hopefully, won’t cause me to hate humanity more than I do on most days.

I hope that whatever you choose to do this holiday season, you do it with grace and kindness. Remember that not everyone celebrates what you do, people DO have birthdays in the month of December, and usually whoever you are yelling at does not carry the authority to do whatever it is you think they should do. Remember that there is this thing that we are celebrating called Joy and it’s not that hard to embrace it. You only mess it up when you are trying to live up to another’s’ standards. Lastly, don’t apply your standards to anyone else. Breathe, ground, center, and repeat.

Blessed Be Lovies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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