Plans In The Making

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I am in the midst of some amazing happenings. I have a schedule for readings and classes through October. I just have to get them up here and I am slowly getting that going. I have been also been called to learn and practice Seidr. While I don’t know of any teachers in my area, I am meeting people who engage in that practice and hopefully can figure out what the next step is. I have also been asked to participate in some local psychic fairs. Due to my schedule I have had to cancel with one and turn down another. But I am hearing about another one in July and I should be able to take that one on.


Heimdall has also become a pretty big force in my life and I am working with that in a pretty fluid manner.  He is infuriating at times but aren’t all the Divines slightly annoying when they don’t bend to our will? Fortunately Freyja approves and I can see that my spiritual path and practice will lean more towards the Norse/Germanic as I grow.  I am also looking at more crafty things to do that are in line with my Bloodlines. Most recently I discovered Ukranian embroidery and I am going to start designing altar cloths in that manner. Because all of my crafts end up becoming altar cloths!

I am going to post about the Beltane festival I recently attended so keep an eye out for that!

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