Big Things Heading Our Way!



It’s been awhile since I have updated things around here. I have been asked to be a part of the Ask A Witch Panel in October at a local shop. Once they’ve created the event page on Facebook, I will post an event here.

I have been recently asked to take on students and have decided that this is something I am willing to take on. I am fleshing out curriculum and logistics. No getting excited just yet, this won’t be rolled out until AFTER October. I simply have so much planned for right now that I want to give this a lot of care and nurturing before I do it.

Today I am meeting with someone to discuss volunteering at the hospital and hopefully start working with people who are alone and dying. It feels important to start there when it comes to death midwifery. Who better to teach me then those who are afraid and alone? So many people see this vision of mine as an act of compassion, and it certainly is, but it’s also very much going to be my teacher. I am both nervous and excited for this leg of the journey!

Lastly, I have been trying hard to keep up with my personal writings. Journaling and poetry are my main focus. At some point I hope to write essays but not quite yet. I have recently submitted a poem to an anthology for Medusa and to We’Moon datebook for 2018. This morning I learned that my poem for the Medusa Anthology was accepted! You can see it on their blog, The Girl God. I won’t hear anything back from We’Moon for awhile and that’s okay. I am putting lots of good juju around it because I would love to see my name published (yea, that’s a bit of ego right there!).

Overall, things are incredible and feeling like I am getting them glued together into a solid picture. I am in love with my life and wouldn’t change it for the world! And as these new directions flesh out, there will be lots more posted here on the site to keep you all updated.

Blessed Be My Lovies!

Changes Abound



So I recently left a job……without a backup plan in place. And I have been taking this time to not only find some sort of income flow but also to consider a career change. I have been wanting (and have been called to) work in Death Midwifery. Overall the vision is for me to start working voluntarily through the hospital with people who are left alone while dying. Beyond that, the final outcome is one in which I still sit vigil but I have a business in which I offer funeral planning services. Think wedding planner but for death. It’s in my 2-5 year plan range. I have a few things I need to do in the coming weeks and then hopefully by the end of the year I will be actively sitting vigil.

It’s a slightly scary endeavor with changing careers later in life but also heading into unknown territory and how will I make this work? I have lots of support though and I am certainly grateful for all the people offering info and support. As more takes place, more will be posted here. Eventually this site will change to all the things I am doing rather than just the classes and scrying. Exciting, isn’t it?

I Made The Local Rag

A while back I was fortunate enough to get interviewed for the local newspaper that wanted to feature alternative religions during the month of June. And that article has finally hit the internet!


I am super proud of the article and pleasantly surprised at how well the picture turned out. I am not usually fond of pics that other people take of me. Feedback from co-workers and friends have been very positive. Tomorrow the paper copy comes out and that might be where the real test is. The usual commenters on the local paper tend to be super conservative and not-so-nice (to put it nicely). So we shall see. I am promising myself not to take things personal and if it gets to be too much, I stop looking!

And today also finds me adding an event here to the webpage (a vigil for Orlando) and sending an outline for an Ancestor Vigil to a friend in Johnson City (where I am going to be doing one of my own!). I am super excited about the leads for exciting stuff coming my way. I really cannot wait to share with you other things that I am working on!


Blessed Be My Lovies!!!!!!!!


Planning For 2017

Kennedy Trail Tree


So here I am, planning for travels in 2017. 2016 has rendered a few travels and I am bitten by the bug to move abroad, meet, network, and teach. I have several events on the eastern seaboard that I am looking at doing, whether I just attend or teach. As I book those events and get approvals for proposals, I will announce those events here in a post as well as put on my events calendar. As time goes by, I hope to be traveling further west and seeing how that side of the continent lives and practices. One of the places I really want to go to is Louisiana! But all in due time. I need to really brand myself a bit…..but not too much because I still want to be my authentic self. And as I travel, I will be posting more about those events in recap style posts. So I am all ears, if you think of an event that might be a great one to visit I would love you to comment or shoot me an email. I will say this, please do not recommend Salem Mass in October! Firstly, I cannot go too far from NC as I am often quite busy in October here with temple events. Secondly, that’s just too crowded for my tastes and I will be happy to visit our Witchy Family at other times of the year.


I can’t wait to see what the year holds 🙂

Beltane Blue Ridge Festival



So on May 13-15 I was at the Blue Ridge Beltane Festival and it was nothing short of fabulous. Everyone was incredibly sweet and kind and it made for such a welcoming event.



My most favorite night was that Friday night when the Bel fire was lit. I even stepped out of my insecure little box and flaunted a cute belly dance type outfit with my soft belly exposed and a double slit skirt to accentuate my most favorite body part……my legs. The energy raised in circle was amazing and intense. Even campers not with the festival joined us and commented on how much they loved it and have never experienced anything like it. After the rite we dance around that fire, something I have been too shy to do in about 15 years. I usually dance behind closed doors with a room full of women I feel safe with.

13239394_10153805318448472_6989156856435793284_n 13177158_10153510039815952_296152286114103782_n


I got to meet some fantastic people like Danny of Tuatha Dea and Patti from About.com, whom also brought her friend that I instantly bonded with (we are from the same hometown so of course we did!). There were other people I met that I did not get pics with and next time I am making a point to selfie with EVERY. ONE.


13240715_10153807886703472_1539115805090866551_n 13226817_10153805318153472_1132893496725306603_n


Of course there was shopping to be had. Such as the above statue that many of you True Blood fans will recognize. She resides on our family altar. I also got fitted for a fantastic corset that I absolutely adore. I cannot wait for the Suicide Squad opening night because I am totally cosplaying Harley Quinn in it.

Overall it was just so much fun. I didn’t want to leave and it physically hurt to have to leave. I am completely planning on attending again next year. Some of us are going to step up the camping game and get better gear and coordinate with each other so that we can share a site and meals over a camp stove together. See you in 2017!

Plans In The Making



I am in the midst of some amazing happenings. I have a schedule for readings and classes through October. I just have to get them up here and I am slowly getting that going. I have been also been called to learn and practice Seidr. While I don’t know of any teachers in my area, I am meeting people who engage in that practice and hopefully can figure out what the next step is. I have also been asked to participate in some local psychic fairs. Due to my schedule I have had to cancel with one and turn down another. But I am hearing about another one in July and I should be able to take that one on.


Heimdall has also become a pretty big force in my life and I am working with that in a pretty fluid manner.  He is infuriating at times but aren’t all the Divines slightly annoying when they don’t bend to our will? Fortunately Freyja approves and I can see that my spiritual path and practice will lean more towards the Norse/Germanic as I grow.  I am also looking at more crafty things to do that are in line with my Bloodlines. Most recently I discovered Ukranian embroidery and I am going to start designing altar cloths in that manner. Because all of my crafts end up becoming altar cloths!

I am going to post about the Beltane festival I recently attended so keep an eye out for that!

Attempting To Bulk Up The Calendar

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As crazy as it sounds, yes I am trying to bulk up my calendar. Really what I am trying to do is find new places to share knowledge. In some ways that bulks up the calendar but I am also trying to be mindful of my time and make sure that I have free time for friends and family. So I have sent a proposal to teach at a festival in June, a proposal to read at a psychic expo in July, plans to rep our Temple in September at a Pagan Pride, priestess work in a nearby city in October, and readings at a witches bazaar in October. And that’s sort of it for the year. Maybe, unless something comes along that I feel really compelled to do. I am hoping more can happen next year. This is part of my long term goal that will solidify my future once my children move out of the house and into their own lives. I don’t want to be left in my mundane job but rather doing what brings me a sense of completion. I love my mundane job but I really have it so that i can make the money to take care of my kids. Once it’s just me, I want my income to come from something a lot less tedious and more spiritually fulfilling. I have less than 10 years, so I plant the seeds now and work towards that goal. I am really quite excited by it.

So if you know of things that may be a good fit for me, please feel free to share that. I may not take up on it right now, but it would be helpful for me to know what to watch for.

History of Scrying

I am slowly putting together a list of articles to read on the history of scrying. It’s been a slow process because there is a lot out there that I read and wonder what they were drinking when they wrote it. I try to make sure that I use information that is factual and then clearly speculation that is open for discussion. I try very hard to avoid falsehoods! I am on a current journey studying Seidr that includes fortune telling. Which of course means LOTS of reading. For now, I do recommend checking out this article on The History of Crystal Balls. If you are interested in Seidr, I recommend following this Pinterest page.


I am hoping to write more on what it means to be a Scryer and the practice itself. There are not a lot of people who do this particular form of divination regularly. I am also working towards teaching the art in various shops and festivals. I feel like it’s such a fantastic art form that shouldn’t be so mysterious. So please keep an eye out on future musings. If you are interested in my journey to becoming Seidrkona, please let me know. I am not sure if people will benefit from hearing about that or not.


More coming soon my lovies!

Updates Have Been Added

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I did it! I finally got most of my April and May events posted. I still have a few that need to be added but I will do that shortly when I have more info. I also have some events in September and October already but I have not added those yet. I need confirmation before I will post those. I think I am going to have to advise people to start talking to me 2-3 months in advance for events and workshops since I am filling up so fast. That’s a good problem to have, right?

Updates Coming Soon

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I have booked up my April and have started booking for May. Sadly I cannot locate my calendar so I am a bit lost until I can find that (I think I left it at work). I am also already starting to look at September and October. Those are a witch’s busiest months so if you want/need me for an event in those months….NOW is the time to contact me. Stay tuned to hear about the glorious stuff I have coming down the pipeline 🙂