Negative Manifestations

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Manifesting the negative is one of those things that happens and then we wonder how it happened. Sometimes it’s just crap happening and beyond our control. Those are pretty easy to get over if we allow ourselves not to get inundated with the frustration. It’s when we have accidentally manifested the negative that is the most bothersome. I think everyone is guilty of it at least once. Maybe more than that but most of us learn tricks to turn things around when we find ourselves doing it.

How does one accidentally manifest the negative? Well, I go to the example of my mother. She was one of the most negative people I had ever met. Nothing was ever right and she just didn’t seem to enjoy any aspect of life. She was in a constant state of grumpiness with a side of complaining. I had often heard of this “curse” on my family, one in which we never experienced good luck. However, my argument is that they manifested all of this “bad” because of the constant whining and complaining. The constant state of expecting bad stuff.

When we consistently experience a good event and then say “okay so now what is the bad thing that will happen” we are opening ourselves up to experience negativity. When we ignore the amazing thing happening in front of us and refuse to enjoy that moment, why should we be granted anything good? We are completely unappreciative in this state!

As someone who is recovering from emotional abuse, it can be very difficult to turn my thinking around. When something good happens, my brain wants to tell me to brace myself rather than enjoy it. I literally have to say out loudĀ “stop, I am going to enjoy this right now!”. When I show gratitude and appreciation for those good things, more good things happen. When bad stuff happens, I tighten up the bootstraps and face it head on. I know that if I do those things, I will be rewarded handsomely.

Have you noticed a trend of bad luck? Of feeling like nothing is going right? I challenge you to write down a gratitude list! When bad thoughts creep in, stop in your tracks and take it down. You deserve to be happy and joyful. Fight off the bad thoughts so that you can enjoy the wonder in your life. If you are truly struggling and you can’t get through this post without wanting to argue the points, please seek out a professional. Sometimes a little therapeutic help can tackle our big issues and anyone struggling with this post is struggling with big issues.

Much love to you all and may you find joy, peace, and happiness on this day!

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