Keeping That Momentum Going

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With all the stuff taking place, I am still moving forward and getting things done. Always feels good to be getting things done! Most recently I was interviewed for the Charm The Water podcast. Interviews always turn out great but I tend to be sooooo terribly nervous. I want to be that very fluid speaker but my brain and mouth seem to be detached. And my brain moves much faster! Anywho, it will be nice if I can squeeze in another interview this year (but after October LOL!).

Yesterday I did my clergy training at the hospital. I need to get a letter of appointment from our temple council to turn in and I get my badge next week. What this means is that I can gain access to almost every part of the hospital to be with any congregant. There are a few exceptions to that but not many. Being at the hospital will mean that anyone in our spiritual community (including those of you who are visiting us and have an unfortunate emergency) can request me to come and hold prayer, sacred space, anoint, or just chat, to assist in your healing process. This also means that if someone asks me to visit you because they are worried for you, I can go. BUT. You can also refuse me at any time. Overall I am excited but also nervous at learning the hospital process and making sure I don’t step on toes.

I have also gotten the rest of the calendar year planned at the shop. I added one event to the calendar here but due to my computer not wanting to cooperate, I have to wait to add the rest. In addition to readings, I have plenty of workshops coming. Baba Yaga, Krampus, and a ritual for Frau Holle are in the works. So much win for 2016!

Will post more soon and get the other events added within the week. Or at least I hope to. Blessed Be!

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