It’s All Just Coming Together

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Well, I never thought I would be back into the world of blogging and websites again. Some of you may remember a blog called The Pagan Mom Blog. Yep, that was me. I shut it down due to major life changes taking place that I could not publicly speak about. In short, I was leaving my husband and working on a divorce. Anything I posted could be used against me and it felt better to just walk away and not open myself up to that much scrutiny.

But here I am. A changed woman (for the better) and working hard as a Priestess for Mother Grove Goddess Temple. I entered a new world of freelance work offering workshops and Scrying Sessions for a fee. And while I do use Facebook heavily for promotion, I wanted to have one central site where people could see EVERYTHING that is in my schedule, rather than waiting for an invitation on Facebook. So here it is! If you have questions about anything, hit the contact me page and send me an email. Or you can leave a comment with your email address on any blog post and I will contact you (although that may take longer). I probably won’t blog much as my time is very limited. But on occasion I might, and who knows what we will talk about there!

Blessed Be!

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