In The Beginning, There Was Cloud Scrying

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I am often asked how I got into scrying. After all, it’s not every day that someone just picks up a crystal ball and can use it effectively. However, I was an accidental scryer in childhood!

My most favorite thing to do as a child was to look up at the clouds. I would lay down on the ground, throw some sunglasses on (I later learned to avoid the noon-day sun!), and look for shapes in the clouds. I had a younger sister that I would often do this little chore with. I saw all sorts of images and we would try to come up with “mystical meanings”. I never really understood it but I always wanted to be a magical sort of person. What I didn’t know was that I was well on my way to the world that would allow me to work my natural magic.

I knew I was on to something though when I started noticing a specific object in a tree that was across the street. Every time I looked out the window at night when I laid in my bed, I saw a witch on her broom in the tree. At the time it scared me. I was scared of the Wicked Witch of the West. I had no idea that witches were not as Hollywood portrayed them. So for years, I would try to avoid looking at this tree at night. Who knew it was a message to me about my future?

I also had a tendency to know things. I learned quickly that I could not discuss this “superpower” because it bothered other people. I could walk into a room and know what argument took place. Not that an argument took place, that’s easy for anyone to pick up on. But I knew details. I also was able to get myself out of trouble long before it happened. Not to say that I was never in trouble, but when I listened I avoided some serious stuff.

By the time I hit my teenage years, I had squashed the ability so much, it was as if it didn’t exist. My home environment and society around me said that I was not normal and I had to be normal. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I would come back to my natural tendency. It wasn’t easy either. Opening that part of me leaves me incredibly vulnerable and I had been taught that vulnerable was bad. I had to change my thinking and allow myself to feel and be in the moment that would allow me to connect once again.

I am glad that I came back to it. It has freed me and allowed me to feel more comfortable in my skin. Some readings get heavy and hurt but the ability to connect with another human being on that level is nothing short of a blessing. Others may feel like I help them but I really feel like my clients help me.

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