Importance of Grounding

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As pagans, we often talk about grounding in all our practices. Some people do it and understand why they are doing it. Others do it because we think we are supposed to. And others don’t do it at all because they aren’t sure how to do it. No matter where you are, grounding is so important and should not be done without really educating ourselves on how to do it and why they are doing it.

Everyday Use

Believe it or not, grounding helps us get through our day. When we ground ourselves, we can take everything that the Universe throws at us. It doesn’t matter if we are in the throes of major happy excitement or if we are blindsided with pain and suffering, we take it and can feel somewhat stable while embracing a roller coaster of emotion.

For the empath, grounding becomes a partial protection aspect. While grounding does not block us from feeling emotion or picking up on energy, it does keep us from reeling from it. When an empath grounds prior to a protective bubble, it keeps them feeling as human as possible while also allowing them to reinforce their protective barrier.


During Spiritual Practice

Whether we are meditating, praying, working a spell, in ritual, doing trance work, or practicing divination…. grounding is required so that we can freely embrace the energies around us and use them for whatever deed we are working on. If we are not grounded, we cannot focus our energies nearly as well. Our energy is all over the place, we are all over the place, and it can bar us from truly connecting with Ancestors or Divinity. And when our Ancestors, or Divines, want to communicate with us, They get frustrated when we are all over the place.


Practice Makes Perfect

Grounding takes practice. Some people are quicker than others. Some people who are on medications may see a difference in how they are able to ground, including how slowly or quickly they are able to get grounded. Please, do not stop any medications without seeing your doctor first. Simply change your technique and try again. In some cases, you may find medication helps you ground faster. Nothing wrong with that, just be sure you aren’t using anything that is currently illegal.


How to Ground

Grounding techniques can vary greatly. I am an Earth sign and I am heavily drawn to anything Earthy. My most favorite way to ground is by growing tiny roots from my feet that extend into the ground. I like to include little hooks that grab the soil and hold me in place.

For intense grounding, I also like to sit naked on the ground (indian style) and use my root chakra. I imagine that there is a red rosebud at the root chakra and spin it clockwise until it blooms. I then visualize a red beam that extends out of the bud and down into the soil that I am sitting upon. Many a times I have used this technique and felt like it was impossible for me to be moved.

Other variations can include:

  • Hold your palms up and utilize the chakra in your hands to extend into the air above or the earth below
  • Open the crown chakra into the skies above.
  • Use a combination of any of these and my examples


Monkey Mind

I, personally, struggle with Monkey Mind. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s when your mind runs wild whenever you need it to calm down and relax. Inevitably when I try to meditate, my brain wants to think about things that happened earlier into the day and then skip to something that happened 10 years ago. Quieting the mind for grounding, and other works, can be hard but you must practice it!


Grounding is truly a fantastic practice to engage in. Don’t make it just a word in your vocabulary, give it plenty of practice and you will see an improvement to your day, spell, meditation, or ritual you engage in.


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