I Am Still Here!

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Life sometimes takes us away from what we perceive to be so simple. My life definitely took me away from the blog and website. However, the good news is that I am still planning events and will be posting those just as soon as I am finished this post!

I have also revived my Facebook Fan Page and I encourage you to like and follow if you are on Facebook at all. All of my events will be posted there and you can also request services with me through the page. I also try to post daily some sort of topic of discussion to encourage folks to share what they are doing so that we can all learn from each other.

In light of recent events, I encourage you to ground often and put up protections often. It is incredibly easy to get swept up in our emotions and react first. In order for us to, truly fix the problem we must stop relying on the system to right the wrongs and we come up with the solutions. I highly encourage you to protest and then think about what that next step is. Because it will take more than a protest to change it, we have to have action!

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