History of Scrying

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I am slowly putting together a list of articles to read on the history of scrying. It’s been a slow process because there is a lot out there that I read and wonder what they were drinking when they wrote it. I try to make sure that I use information that is factual and then clearly speculation that is open for discussion. I try very hard to avoid falsehoods! I am on a current journey studying Seidr that includes fortune telling. Which of course means LOTS of reading. For now, I do recommend checking out this article on The History of Crystal Balls. If you are interested in Seidr, I recommend following this Pinterest page.


I am hoping to write more on what it means to be a Scryer and the practice itself. There are not a lot of people who do this particular form of divination regularly. I am also working towards teaching the art in various shops and festivals. I feel like it’s such a fantastic art form that shouldn’t be so mysterious. So please keep an eye out on future musings. If you are interested in my journey to becoming Seidrkona, please let me know. I am not sure if people will benefit from hearing about that or not.


More coming soon my lovies!

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