Freyja & Scrying

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When I became devoted to Freyja, I was shocked at just how much I was already devoted to Her and why exactly she wanted me. Freyja is a Goddess of Magic and of Fortune Telling. She watches over Seidrkona (Her women who are of a shamanic path) and fortune telling is one aspect of Seidr that’s important.

It is also said that She taught Odin magic. As scrying made it’s way around the world, it was often associated with Wouten which is proto-Germanic for Odin. By the time the legends of scrying came to include Odin, it was in the image of a crystal ball.

While I cannot locate any documentation that Seidrkona used crystal balls, it appears that they were more into trance work that involved intuitive readings, it is still a nice idea that She would approve of the tool that I am most drawn to!

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