From May 18th to May 21st, I was at Blue Ridge Beltane in Greenville, VA. This year I had the opportunity to teach Scrying and help my sister Priestess, Byron Ballard, with the Main Ritual. This was my second year at the festival and I came with a broken leg. Making a camping trip a bit more complicated than usual. But I am glad I went and I am still riding the high after a weekend of community.

We arrived late Thursday night and had the joy of pitching a tent at 9pm by headlights. If you have done that before, you know what I am talking about! Fortunately, it only took us 10 min to get the tent up. I went to pump the air mattress only to have the batteries in the pump die before the mattress filled. Words to the wise…..don’t buy dollar tree batteries for an air pump. Fortunately, some neighboring campers had a hand pump and we were able to finish the job.

On Friday I attempted to be as active as possible. For the most part, it was great. I was meeting people and spent the afternoon teaching. I had the pleasure of a heart to heart conversation with a person I had only known online and it was a joy to connect with in person. We ended the day with the Bel Fire rite, which is always my favorite part. By the end of it all, I was aching pretty hard.

Saturday I sat back and relaxed. I worked on a knitting project in between just a few things we chose to do. I also had permission to park my truck by the campsite and drove it to areas in which I was needed, such as the main rite. Main rite went incredibly well and you could see that so many truly enjoyed the ritual. It was a fantastic bonding experience and I was proud of the small role, as a quarter caller, that I played. We also took part in a workshop held in the Inner Sanctum. I did not participate in the Inner Sanctum last year so this was a nice change to the mix.

Sunday morning rolled around quick and we were leaving before noon so that we weren’t getting home too late. There were kitties to feed and love on so that we could go back to work as usual on Monday.

My campmates, aside from Sweetie (not shown) are my own “personal” tribe of women that I feel close and connected to in major ways. Some of them I see regularly, one I only see about once a year. It’s always a fantastic time when it comes to hanging out in the woods with your near and dears and reveling in our spirituality.

We will definitely be going back next year. We are already bouncing around ideas on what sorts of things will be offered. Sweetie and I are already looking at bigger tents. I have a small “4 person” tent. Which means that it’s crowded for two people! A nice 10 person tent will be a great help to us. And we may have to upgrade the air mattress to a thicker one so that our “old” bones don’t struggle with getting up.