My dear friend, Patti Wigington, has a new book out and it’s one that I highly recommend. I was given a copy to review and all of my comments are of my own opinion. I wasn’t even asked to review it on the blog, just for Amazon. But I wanted to include it here as well because I knew it was going to be well worth your time to check it out.

Wicca: Practical Magic is another Wicca 101 book that is out on eBook and will soon be released in paperback form. I have often been accused of being a bit harsh about the saturation of 101 style books in the past. It’s true, I wish more books were published that go deeper into spiritual practices, rather than focusing on the beginning of a path. However. Patti has been writing informational articles about the practice for years on and she brings this book to life with accurate history and exceptional information. This is not just another 101 book that is recycling information someone has read on a blog or another book. This is a clear cut reference book that can be used for ages.

I was most impressed with her pages devoted to herbs and crystals. Not only does she explain herbal and crystal magic, she offers up information about specific herbs and crystals. While some other 101 books may include this sort of information, they often offer up the same stuff repeatedly. Patti offers information on a wide variety of herbs and crystals, some I have only found in specific reference books devoted to herbs or crystals. The fact that she makes a point to offer up some fresh information is fantastic and separates herself from the others.

Speaking of fresh information, seeing recipes for various oils, rituals, and spellwork is absolutely fantastic. There is nothing worse than reading about what to do and why we do it and we are left still wondering how to do it. The meditations are a fantastic addition as well. I never found anything on meditations when I began my journey 16 years ago and had to figure it out on my own and through talking with others. It’s a blessing to have so much information available to the masses!

I also think this is a great resource for family members of someone interested in becoming Wiccan. It’s hard to watch a family member shift spiritually when you have no knowledge about what it is they are getting into. And as is the case with Wicca, often folks are misinformed about what it is. This book clearly offers up what it is Wiccans do and why they do it. It becomes a valuable book when it’s written in such a way that it can educate anyone open to understanding.

As I stated before, the book is currently available as an eBook on Amazon. The release date for the paperback is approximately June 6, 2017. Both are affordable options and I encourage you to add this to your library!