Big Things Heading Our Way!

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It’s been awhile since I have updated things around here. I have been asked to be a part of the Ask A Witch Panel in October at a local shop. Once they’ve created the event page on Facebook, I will post an event here.

I have been recently asked to take on students and have decided that this is something I am willing to take on. I am fleshing out curriculum and logistics. No getting excited just yet, this won’t be rolled out until AFTER October. I simply have so much planned for right now that I want to give this a lot of care and nurturing before I do it.

Today I am meeting with someone to discuss volunteering at the hospital and hopefully start working with people who are alone and dying. It feels important to start there when it comes to death midwifery. Who better to teach me then those who are afraid and alone? So many people see this vision of mine as an act of compassion, and it certainly is, but it’s also very much going to be my teacher. I am both nervous and excited for this leg of the journey!

Lastly, I have been trying hard to keep up with my personal writings. Journaling and poetry are my main focus. At some point I hope to write essays but not quite yet. I have recently submitted a poem to an anthology for Medusa and to We’Moon datebook for 2018. This morning I learned that my poem for the Medusa Anthology was accepted! You can see it on their blog, The Girl God. I won’t hear anything back from We’Moon for awhile and that’s okay. I am putting lots of good juju around it because I would love to see my name published (yea, that’s a bit of ego right there!).

Overall, things are incredible and feeling like I am getting them glued together into a solid picture. I am in love with my life and wouldn’t change it for the world! And as these new directions flesh out, there will be lots more posted here on the site to keep you all updated.

Blessed Be My Lovies!

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