In The Beginning, There Was Cloud Scrying


I am often asked how I got into scrying. After all, it’s not every day that someone just picks up a crystal ball and can use it effectively. However, I was an accidental scryer in childhood!

My most favorite thing to do as a child was to look up at the clouds. I would lay down on the ground, throw some sunglasses on (I later learned to avoid the noon-day sun!), and look for shapes in the clouds. I had a younger sister that I would often do this little chore with. I saw all sorts of images and we would try to come up with “mystical meanings”. I never really understood it but I always wanted to be a magical sort of person. What I didn’t know was that I was well on my way to the world that would allow me to work my natural magic.

I knew I was on to something though when I started noticing a specific object in a tree that was across the street. Every time I looked out the window at night when I laid in my bed, I saw a witch on her broom in the tree. At the time it scared me. I was scared of the Wicked Witch of the West. I had no idea that witches were not as Hollywood portrayed them. So for years, I would try to avoid looking at this tree at night. Who knew it was a message to me about my future?

I also had a tendency to know things. I learned quickly that I could not discuss this “superpower” because it bothered other people. I could walk into a room and know what argument took place. Not that an argument took place, that’s easy for anyone to pick up on. But I knew details. I also was able to get myself out of trouble long before it happened. Not to say that I was never in trouble, but when I listened I avoided some serious stuff.

By the time I hit my teenage years, I had squashed the ability so much, it was as if it didn’t exist. My home environment and society around me said that I was not normal and I had to be normal. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I would come back to my natural tendency. It wasn’t easy either. Opening that part of me leaves me incredibly vulnerable and I had been taught that vulnerable was bad. I had to change my thinking and allow myself to feel and be in the moment that would allow me to connect once again.

I am glad that I came back to it. It has freed me and allowed me to feel more comfortable in my skin. Some readings get heavy and hurt but the ability to connect with another human being on that level is nothing short of a blessing. Others may feel like I help them but I really feel like my clients help me.

Importance of Grounding

As pagans, we often talk about grounding in all our practices. Some people do it and understand why they are doing it. Others do it because we think we are supposed to. And others don’t do it at all because they aren’t sure how to do it. No matter where you are, grounding is so important and should not be done without really educating ourselves on how to do it and why they are doing it.

Everyday Use

Believe it or not, grounding helps us get through our day. When we ground ourselves, we can take everything that the Universe throws at us. It doesn’t matter if we are in the throes of major happy excitement or if we are blindsided with pain and suffering, we take it and can feel somewhat stable while embracing a roller coaster of emotion.

For the empath, grounding becomes a partial protection aspect. While grounding does not block us from feeling emotion or picking up on energy, it does keep us from reeling from it. When an empath grounds prior to a protective bubble, it keeps them feeling as human as possible while also allowing them to reinforce their protective barrier.


During Spiritual Practice

Whether we are meditating, praying, working a spell, in ritual, doing trance work, or practicing divination…. grounding is required so that we can freely embrace the energies around us and use them for whatever deed we are working on. If we are not grounded, we cannot focus our energies nearly as well. Our energy is all over the place, we are all over the place, and it can bar us from truly connecting with Ancestors or Divinity. And when our Ancestors, or Divines, want to communicate with us, They get frustrated when we are all over the place.


Practice Makes Perfect

Grounding takes practice. Some people are quicker than others. Some people who are on medications may see a difference in how they are able to ground, including how slowly or quickly they are able to get grounded. Please, do not stop any medications without seeing your doctor first. Simply change your technique and try again. In some cases, you may find medication helps you ground faster. Nothing wrong with that, just be sure you aren’t using anything that is currently illegal.


How to Ground

Grounding techniques can vary greatly. I am an Earth sign and I am heavily drawn to anything Earthy. My most favorite way to ground is by growing tiny roots from my feet that extend into the ground. I like to include little hooks that grab the soil and hold me in place.

For intense grounding, I also like to sit naked on the ground (indian style) and use my root chakra. I imagine that there is a red rosebud at the root chakra and spin it clockwise until it blooms. I then visualize a red beam that extends out of the bud and down into the soil that I am sitting upon. Many a times I have used this technique and felt like it was impossible for me to be moved.

Other variations can include:

  • Hold your palms up and utilize the chakra in your hands to extend into the air above or the earth below
  • Open the crown chakra into the skies above.
  • Use a combination of any of these and my examples


Monkey Mind

I, personally, struggle with Monkey Mind. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s when your mind runs wild whenever you need it to calm down and relax. Inevitably when I try to meditate, my brain wants to think about things that happened earlier into the day and then skip to something that happened 10 years ago. Quieting the mind for grounding, and other works, can be hard but you must practice it!


Grounding is truly a fantastic practice to engage in. Don’t make it just a word in your vocabulary, give it plenty of practice and you will see an improvement to your day, spell, meditation, or ritual you engage in.


The Various Forms of Divination

Divination, that part of practice that it seems all pagans seek out. Tarot is naturally the most popular divination tool to date. During my own journey with divination, I quickly became frustrated with Tarot and have never really done it well. I can pull a card or two and interpret them but beyond that and I get a headache. So I spend my time collecting decks because I love the art work.

There are of course other forms of divination. If you have spent any time with me in real life, or have spent 5 minutes on this site, then you know I am a scryer. It’s an intuitive form of divination in which I use a mirror or a crystal ball to channel the energy and act as a seer.

I currently know someone who does readings using bones and connects with the ancestors. Yet another friend performs divination with coffee grounds, and you have to drink the coffee first! There are truly many ways to divine and connect in our own ways.

Other methods to consider include:

  • cloud scrying
  • water scrying
  • dowsing
  • pendulum
  • astrology
  • numerology
  • bibliomancy
  • palmistry
  • observing patterns in melted wax
  • looking for patterns in a fire
  • feng shui
  • I Ching
  • dream interpretations
  • ouija boards

The key to figuring out which thing to try is to go with your gut. If there is something that really pulls to you (a deck of cards, a specific pendulum, etc) go with it. Learn all you can about the history of that specific form of divination and try it. See if it resonates deep within you. If it doesn’t, then you learned a little something new and you can move on to something else. But if you do, well you just opened up a whole new world for yourself!

Freyja & Scrying


When I became devoted to Freyja, I was shocked at just how much I was already devoted to Her and why exactly she wanted me. Freyja is a Goddess of Magic and of Fortune Telling. She watches over Seidrkona (Her women who are of a shamanic path) and fortune telling is one aspect of Seidr that’s important.

It is also said that She taught Odin magic. As scrying made it’s way around the world, it was often associated with Wouten which is proto-Germanic for Odin. By the time the legends of scrying came to include Odin, it was in the image of a crystal ball.

While I cannot locate any documentation that Seidrkona used crystal balls, it appears that they were more into trance work that involved intuitive readings, it is still a nice idea that She would approve of the tool that I am most drawn to!

The Cup of Jamshid


The Cup of Jamshid is one of the oldest stories about scrying you can find. It comes out of Ancient Persia, which is now Iran. Inside the cup with this magical elixir that could give anyone eternal life if they sipped from it. Something like the Fountain of Youth. However, I have yet to find stories in which anyone drank from this cup. I am assuming there is something out there, perhaps lost since it’s always associated with the cup. What I love is that when the ruler of Persia looked into the cup, he could see all across the land and into the heavens. He could see everything and know everything. But it wasn’t to be used lightly or for ill-will. It could only be used if it benefited all of the cupholders people.

The cup eventually changed into a crystal ball, most notably in The Heroic Legend of Aslan. More often than not, people don’t comprehend what I do unless I tell them I use a crystal ball. It’s the most common image that a person can relate to. However, when I teach scrying, I teach about all the different methods and I teach the mirror as the introductory into scrying. Rather than a crystal ball!

Q& A With a Scryer


I am often asked several questions in regards to paid divination and I often touch upon ethics when teaching divination. I wanted to share with you some of those questions and the answers I provide.

Q: Do you tell people about the readings you do?

A: I would be surprised if I remembered. Readings between me and a person are between me and that person. In a lot of ways, the readings reflect what the client already knows. They simply need to hear it come from someone else in order to solidify truth. Very personal things come up in a reading and it would feel very inappropriate for me to share with others those personal details. Additionally, when I am sitting in a shop for several hours doing readings, I usually forget. Sometimes I can be triggered by memory if I see that person later on or if it’s someone I have routinely done divination for. But I never mention it unless they do. Some people I simply don’t remember at all.

Q: Do you ever see a horrible crash that results in death? Will you tell someone if they will die?

A: Beleive it or not, I don’t see everything. I see what the guides want you to know. I may see a health concern that I will inform you of and encourage you to see a doctor, I never offer medical advice beyond seeing a doctor! To date, I have never seen anyone I am divining for dying horribly or suddenly. In cases of death, I have foretold death for family and pets in the past. It’s a difficult decision to be able to share that knowledge. In all of the cases, these were terminally ill people or animals and so it wasn’t a complete shock. Because I could see that this was a long time coming, it made it “easier” to pass that information on. 

When I teach scrying, I emphasize the importance of being comfortable with a decision to tell or not. Not everyone is comfortable with looking at a client and confirming that Dad won’t make it to winter. That is perfectly okay. However, I do challenge people to consider if they would feel guilt for not passing that information on. Sometimes we are okay with our decision initially until we get word later on. We can be overwhelmed with the guilt even though there may have been nothing we could do to change the outcome. 

Q: Shouldn’t you offer your services free?

A: My short answer is no! My question for you would be, do you work for free? Yes, I charge for my services. The time I spend in a shop to offer my abilities takes me away from other work opportunities and away from my family. It costs me money to drive to the shop and I pay a fee to the shop I am working in. So yes, I should charge for my services.

I don’t solely offer my services for money. I have arranged for offering my scrying class at festivals and conferences without pay. I sometimes engage in divination fundraisers for organizations or to help a person in need. I don’t always make money for what I do!

Q: How often should I get readings?

A: Ultimately it’s up to you. I highly recommend waiting around 3 months. While no reading is set in stone, there are just too many variables that could alter the outcome of anything I tell you, you want enough time to pass to see if there is a change. If you visit a reader every month, you are wasting your money hearing essentially the same thing over and over again. If you visit weekly, please stop! It’s just too much and an indication you are obsessing too much about a situation in your life. If you are that concerned, I highly recommend a therapist to work out your feelings surrounding that issue. 


Hopefully, this helps a majority of you with any questions you have in regards to readings and practices. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me at akunschmann@gmail.com!

2017 Has Been Rough

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I am still here! So far this year I have been in the hospital twice and have had family crisis to deal with. I am still on a path of healing but I have officially taken a sabbatical from Mother Grove Goddess Temple so that I can focus on healing and family crisis. However, I am still doing workshops and scrying sessions as they are an income stream for me. I am currently working on updating my events pages here so that you all can keep track of where I am and when things are.

Two big news! I will be teaching Scrying at Blue Ridge Beltane this year, including a workshop for children to start them off on the divination track. You must be a registered attendee to join in and I hope you do register. It’s a fun weekend with great people and lots of fantastic things are planned. If you do attend, do come by and say Hi! I am also going to be teaching at Mystic South this July and I am super excited to be involved with such a new and large event. If you can make both of these events, great! If you can only make one…..well….I can’t really pick between the two so go with whichever is most convenient.

I am hoping to launch some sort of posting system here so that once a week, we are talking about something. Maybe a little Divine Lore or an article on Scrying. Something to at least keep you engaged and excited about Divinity and Divination!

Much love and Blessed Be!

NaNoWriMo Is Almost Over

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It’s November 30th and for lots of contenders, it’s crunch time to get in as many words as possible today. My own journey into the adventure for 2016 is much different. I encountered lots of setbacks and life, in general, taking up my time. Plus, I already spend all day writing for other publications. But I also went into this knowing that there was no way I was going to finish my anthology in one month. It’s really hard to write poems, prayers, and rituals for one deity on a daily basis AND meet a specific word count. I cannot get past the need for meat and not filler words just to meet a word count. It’s simply not in my nature, and that is okay. I take the words seriously so that I am conveying Hela to the best of my own personal ability. So NaNoWriMo really became just a jumping point into the foray of writing for the purpose of creating a book that I want to see on store shelves one day. This is not an endeavor just to say I did it or to have in my dropbox. No, this is something I really want to share with others. So today I will work on an editorial piece about Hela and include it on my word count. And tomorrow? I will write more. I may only write a few hundred words a day, but I will keep doing it 4 days out of the week. Because realistically, that’s what I can do to achieve my goals.

To the rest of the contenders, I wish you the best. I hope you have met the goals you set for yourself. And regardless if you “succeeded” at the 50,000 word goal for the month, I hope you enjoyed it.

Hello Johnson City Tennessee!

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View along Main Street in Downtown Johnson City, TN on Saturday, May 31, 2014. Copyright 2014 Jason Barnette

Life changes happen and we adjust accordingly. As it is, I am newly partnered with a very wonderful person who happens to live in Johnson City, TN. Since I am now spending my time between Asheville and there, it only seemed logical to expand my teaching and reading opportunities to his corner of the world.

2017 will garner a lot of classes in Asheville, 24 to be exact. I don’t anticipate that I will be doing all of those same classes in Johnson City but I will be using my current class list to select what I will be offering there. As of now, the classes and reading sessions will all be on the same day and located at Samadhi Center on Walnut St. Just watch the events page. I will always link to my Facebook Events so that you can RSVP and get reminders.

I really look forward to seeing you all!!!

Prepping For The Holiday Season

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Here in my little corner of the world, I am in the mad dash to get all of my holiday affairs in order before Thanksgiving. While I am not a big into Turkey Day (as I really prefer to call it), I do engage in a nice dinner with my kids when I have them and with my friends when I don’t. This year my dinner will be at friends’ house that is doing an orphans-dinner sort of event.

Turkey Day also signifies the crazy season…..or at least how I see it. Because the crazies come out and invade all the stores. So I prefer to get my eldest daughters birthday presents and all my Yule gifts purchased before Turkey Day. So if I am in a store, it’s to get much-needed sustenance for my home. Or supplies. And I do my best to buy as much as I can online. It’s funny because I am in a retail store working my reading abilities at least once a week. Fortunately it’s limited and hopefully, won’t cause me to hate humanity more than I do on most days.

I hope that whatever you choose to do this holiday season, you do it with grace and kindness. Remember that not everyone celebrates what you do, people DO have birthdays in the month of December, and usually whoever you are yelling at does not carry the authority to do whatever it is you think they should do. Remember that there is this thing that we are celebrating called Joy and it’s not that hard to embrace it. You only mess it up when you are trying to live up to another’s’ standards. Lastly, don’t apply your standards to anyone else. Breathe, ground, center, and repeat.

Blessed Be Lovies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!