Attempting To Bulk Up The Calendar

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As crazy as it sounds, yes I am trying to bulk up my calendar. Really what I am trying to do is find new places to share knowledge. In some ways that bulks up the calendar but I am also trying to be mindful of my time and make sure that I have free time for friends and family. So I have sent a proposal to teach at a festival in June, a proposal to read at a psychic expo in July, plans to rep our Temple in September at a Pagan Pride, priestess work in a nearby city in October, and readings at a witches bazaar in October. And that’s sort of it for the year. Maybe, unless something comes along that I feel really compelled to do. I am hoping more can happen next year. This is part of my long term goal that will solidify my future once my children move out of the house and into their own lives. I don’t want to be left in my mundane job but rather doing what brings me a sense of completion. I love my mundane job but I really have it so that i can make the money to take care of my kids. Once it’s just me, I want my income to come from something a lot less tedious and more spiritually fulfilling. I have less than 10 years, so I plant the seeds now and work towards that goal. I am really quite excited by it.

So if you know of things that may be a good fit for me, please feel free to share that. I may not take up on it right now, but it would be helpful for me to know what to watch for.

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