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The big news is, I went through Clergy Orientation/Training at the local hospital. It will make it so much easier for me to access our pagan/non-Christian community members who are in the hospital and wish to have clergy be with them for spiritual guidance or rites before procedures. I am super excited about this and look forward to being of service.

I have updated my Events Page with all of my scrying sessions, workshops, and rituals for the year. This week I will finish writing all of those workshops and rites up so that I can begin working on my curriculum for teach Witchcraft. I am hoping that I will be kicking off the lessons by Jan 1. Since this is a new venture for me, I am a bit nervous about it.

I am also looking into learning Old Norse to help further my magic and rites to the Old Gods. I will be starting this month but my schedule is so hectic that I really won’t be knee deep into it until November.

On the business front I am working hard at streamlining registration for workshops online. I have set up my invoicing systems on Square and people can now pay online securely and through the same app I use on my phone. Having it all in one place will be lovely! I am hoping to figure out how to make gift certificates so that people can purchase those in the holiday season.

Busy busy busy! It’s that time of year and I love it!

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