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Negative Manifestations

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Manifesting the negative is one of those things that happens and then we wonder how it happened. Sometimes it’s just crap happening and beyond our control. Those are pretty easy to get over if we allow ourselves not to get inundated with the frustration. It’s when we have accidentally manifested the negative that is the most bothersome. I think everyone is guilty of it at least once. Maybe more than that but most of us learn tricks to turn things around when we find ourselves doing it.

How does one accidentally manifest the negative? Well, I go to the example of my mother. She was one of the most negative people I had ever met. Nothing was ever right and she just didn’t seem to enjoy any aspect of life. She was in a constant state of grumpiness with a side of complaining. I had often heard of this “curse” on my family, one in which we never experienced good luck. However, my argument is that they manifested all of this “bad” because of the constant whining and complaining. The constant state of expecting bad stuff.

When we consistently experience a good event and then say “okay so now what is the bad thing that will happen” we are opening ourselves up to experience negativity. When we ignore the amazing thing happening in front of us and refuse to enjoy that moment, why should we be granted anything good? We are completely unappreciative in this state!

As someone who is recovering from emotional abuse, it can be very difficult to turn my thinking around. When something good happens, my brain wants to tell me to brace myself rather than enjoy it. I literally have to say out loud “stop, I am going to enjoy this right now!”. When I show gratitude and appreciation for those good things, more good things happen. When bad stuff happens, I tighten up the bootstraps and face it head on. I know that if I do those things, I will be rewarded handsomely.

Have you noticed a trend of bad luck? Of feeling like nothing is going right? I challenge you to write down a gratitude list! When bad thoughts creep in, stop in your tracks and take it down. You deserve to be happy and joyful. Fight off the bad thoughts so that you can enjoy the wonder in your life. If you are truly struggling and you can’t get through this post without wanting to argue the points, please seek out a professional. Sometimes a little therapeutic help can tackle our big issues and anyone struggling with this post is struggling with big issues.

Much love to you all and may you find joy, peace, and happiness on this day!

For Nigerian Women, JuJu Haunts Them

I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to American people talk about JuJu and you can tell that they really don’t know what JuJu is. It’s most often come from New Agers who want it to mean “spreading love and positive light” to others. JuJu is a lot more than just some “positive vibes” to send to someone. It’s a dark magical practice that embraces the Ancient African Gods and Goddesses. It’s still very popular in Nigeria where you can go see a witch doctor for charms to help with love, luck, infertility, and even retaliating against your enemies. I have also understood that it’s used in verbal contracts to bind the contract. And that is really the focus for today. Because many women escaping sex trafficking in Nigeria are absolutely terrified of their JuJu contracts.

What has happened is that sex traffickers will create a contract to the women to pay their debt. Then a spell is cast over them that if they do not pay their debt, spirits will attack them until they go insane. Although the women are escaping the hell of sex trafficking, they are so bound by belief in the JuJu that they believe Spirits are following them and trying to make them insane for not paying their debt to their sex traffickers. In some cases, they believe the Spirits will attack their families who are left behind in Nigeria.

I want to hold these women and praise them for their bravery to escape. And I want to scream and pound my fists on those men abusing magic to manipulate these women. I cannot imagine for a moment that any Deity or Spirit would be okay with the sexual enslavement of these women. I cannot believe for a second that the Gods and Goddesses would allow any spiritual harm to come to these women. They are women who should be praised for their strength! They embody the Goddess in all of Her strength and compassion!

In my heart, I can only see that corrupt men have manipulated magic and the Divines into these monstrous characters to manipulate and control the masses. It is heartbreaking to read that in 2017, these women are being sold and bound by contracts to their abusers with the simple use of magic. I want to run to these women and show them the joy of a fabulous hex. To help them embrace their Ancestors and ask for protection. To not only support their physical removal from the situation but to help them take back their power. If they only knew how strong their magic was, the scenario could be so different for them.

I implore you to learn about JuJu before assuming anything. To understand that your words hold power and you cannot take ownership of something that is not yours. The African people have been fighting for those things that they hold dear, they shouldn’t have to keep fighting any longer. I don’t know how we can combat the corrupt mindset that has invaded their spirituality. I only hope that they can make significant changes soon.

I will be lighting candles for Nigeria. So that men can see the Goddess-like status of their women and that the women can band together and end the sex trafficking.

When Manifesting Goes Wrong

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It happens to the best of us. I have done it more recently and I have been practicing for 15 years. It’s when a manifestation goes awry! It leaves you wondering “what the hell happened?” and “screw doing that again!”. Whatever you do, don’t quit magic just because it didn’t go how you expected it to. You should learn from it so that you can do better the next time. I will never forget the time I wanted to manifest abundance. I got abundance all right. So much so I crashed and burned within a week! So, what do you do when your manifestation isn’t up to what you thought it might be?

  1. Review your spellwork. Were you specific? Did your verbal intentions match your emotional intentions? One of the worst things you can do with spell work is being loosey goosey with your words and emotions. A lot of this is born out of the idea that we cannot ask for specific things, that we are going to make a general request and then leave it up to the Universe to decide if we are worthy of anything. Every time I work a money spell, I put clear intentions on what that money is for. Am I paying my phone bill? Am I saving for a trip? Am I working at getting some car repairs done? Guess what? There is nothing wrong with being specific about our desires!
  2. Did you use the right tools? If I am going to do a money spell, I don’t want to be using protection  or love oils in my spell work. Make sure that if you are using tools, those tools will perform the job you need in that moment.
  3. Was it the right time? I never work a money spell during a waning moon. I want to GROW my income! If the timing isn’t right for the nature of your work, wait for the right time. This also can be interpreted as the right time for you to focus. If you aren’t an early morning person, don’t require yourself to wake up at sunrise to perform a spell. If you aren’t fully awake and cognizant, that is not the time to work magic.
  4. Did you really want it to begin with? Let’s imagine I do a spell to obtain a job. Then I get the job. Then I hate the job. Then I quit the job. I have totally done this! Because at the time, I thought I wanted that job but I didn’t do some deep soul-searching work to reveal that I was in the wrong career. I was moving through the motions that I thought was the right thing and it was completely wrong. Not only did I get what I manifested…..I hated it. Do the soul-searching work to make sure you really want what you are about to manifest.
  5. Did you do all the mundane work to manifest? The biggest key to successful manifestation is that you do the mundane work around achieving your goals. The magic is just a nudge, not the entire working! If you didn’t get that job you wanted because you lit a candle and then sat and waited…..of course it won’t work!

No matter what, don’t give up on your manifestation skills just because something didn’t work out. There are other factors that can come into play, other people that you cannot manipulate and can change the course of action. You can find your manifestation mojo and truly start acheiving your goals in a healthy and productive way. Once you figure your method out, you will be manifesting like crazy!

The Joys of Protection

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Protection is one of the easiest workings, and often most ignored, that a witch can engage in. It’s often ignored because we move through our mundane world so fast, we forget to take a moment and work protection before stepping out into the world. For some, doing a daily protection spell seems silly. While I encourage all spellwork to be done as you see fit, I will also argue for a daily spell to protect you from things you don’t see and yet experience later.

I have witnessed gentrification overtake a city I once loved living in. I moved away because of gentrification and still visit regularly, most of my friends are in the area. Around the time of the 2016 elections, I noticed an ugly energetic shift happen. The political climate combined with gentrification, we are seeing a toxic energetic level spiking through the city. I have been routinely advising people to do protection work because it’s so gross to walk through the town and be energetically open.

What is truly happening is that people carrying their anger (and there is a lot of it in our current society) and it just sloughs off of them. Other people walk through and pick it up. Then they walk through another part of the town, feeling angry and anxious and it comes off of them. Someone else picks it up. It becomes this ugly energetic psychically transmitted disease of anger, hostility, and anxiousness.

The only way I can come into the city is by protecting myself. The few times that I haven’t, I have become angry and lashing out. It’s an unhappy place to be and I work it consciously in order to save my own sanity.This is why I encourage a daily protection spell. You just never know when you are going to pick up someone else’s energetic crap and carry it on.


Your choice of a protection spell should be one that is easy for you to do each morning and doesn’t take a lot of time. Herbal sachets are one that I highly recommend, they can be easy to put together and easy to carry inside a pocket. To create one you will need:

  • a square piece of fabric (any size will do)
  • yarn at least 6 inches in length, long enough for the fabric you are working with.
  • your favorite herbs for protection (acorn, bay leaf, black haw, calendula, chia, etc)

Hold the fabric in one hand and cover with the other. Think about a bubble of protection all around you and put that energy into your that piece of fabric. Take a pinch (or a single piece) of a herb and focus on specifics around your protection. Maybe it’s for safe travels through hectic roads? You want to do this two more times, a total of three herbs and specific protective intentions for each one. Pull the fabric up by each corner and use the yarn to tie it closed. If the string is long enough, you can hang it from your rearview mirror. If not, you can simply slip it into your pocket. If you start to feel out of whack during the day, hold it in your hand and ground yourself.

Protection is important! Don’t wait until your are suffering from someone else’s crud to sheld yourself. That’s just more work in the long run.

Preparing To Teach


I like teaching. I don’t know if I am any good at it, but I do really love to do it. I think I just like the opportunity to share what I know, with a small group of people. I do well with intimate settings. However, as with most of my endeavors, I get very nervous.

With my nerves, comes shots to the self-esteem from that dark part of the brain that likes to tell me that I am not as knowledgeable as I portray myself. I am not smart enough, I am not good enough, and why am I pretending to have anything valuable to contribute to the community? Logically, I know that none of this is true. But deep down, I have been told this enough that I still battle it every time I go to teach or sit in a shop to offer readings.

To negate this, I create outlines for my classes. If I have an outline, I feel like I can stay on topic and make sure that I don’t miss a single detail in the process. Part of the process of writing it all down (which I do by hand!) helps it solidify in my mind how I want my class to go. Then when I teach, I often refer to my notes because I can easily get distracted and go off the rails.

When I have taught without my notes, it usually doesn’t flow the way I want it to. Most everyone has told me that my classes are still excellent, even without my notes. But for me, it’s a stressful thing to try and run a class without my outline. I always end up feeling like I left something out!

I will be teaching Scrying 101 at Mystic South in July and I will definitely be sure to use notes. If you are considering going to the event, do look for me (even if you aren’t taking my class) because I would love for the chance to say Hi!