2017 Has Been Rough

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I am still here! So far this year I have been in the hospital twice and have had family crisis to deal with. I am still on a path of healing but I have officially taken a sabbatical from Mother Grove Goddess Temple so that I can focus on healing and family crisis. However, I am still doing workshops and scrying sessions as they are an income stream for me. I am currently working on updating my events pages here so that you all can keep track of where I am and when things are.

Two big news! I will be teaching Scrying at Blue Ridge Beltane this year, including a workshop for children to start them off on the divination track. You must be a registered attendee to join in and I hope you do register. It’s a fun weekend with great people and lots of fantastic things are planned. If you do attend, do come by and say Hi! I am also going to be teaching at Mystic South this July and I am super excited to be involved with such a new and large event. If you can make both of these events, great! If you can only make one…..well….I can’t really pick between the two so go with whichever is most convenient.

I am hoping to launch some sort of posting system here so that once a week, we are talking about something. Maybe a little Divine Lore or an article on Scrying. Something to at least keep you engaged and excited about Divinity and Divination!

Much love and Blessed Be!

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