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Halloween Crafting Has Begun!

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Those that know me in real life, know that I love Halloween and I especially love Halloween DIY projects. I was perusing my Halloween Board on Pinterest recently and decided that I really wanted to create some Altered Halloween Books.

In a nutshell, you upcycle a used book with rubber halloween-ish type doodads and puffy letters. I went to Goodwill Outlet near my office where they sell books at 69 cents a pound. I very quickly grabbed 6 books that felt like they had the right shape. I didn’t look at titles, just based it on their age and shape. One old book grabbed my attention and when I got home and ready to craft…….I learned it was The Great Gatsby. I decided NOT to upcycle that one. I mean really, how can you? It’s residing peacefully on my bookshelf.

All of the lettering and spooky stuff gets hot glued to the book. The thumbtacks in the corner of my book were easily pressed in and then hammered to be sure it wouldn’t budge. The spider was the most difficult part since it doesn’t lay flat. I really didn’t think this was going to turn out all that great because of it. Anyway, we placed a paper towel over the entire top and using a wet paintbrush, brushed the paper towel into place. Then did the other side. The instructions I had said to lay a wet towel over the book but I found that way more difficult than what we chose to do. After that, Modge Podge was applied and allowed to dry. Then we painted it all black. Then we accented it with copper metallic paint and gold metallic paint. It really did turn out fantastic!



Not sure what will be next. Maybe something involving candle holders. Or I might hold off and not add anything to my already busy repertoire. What I do know is that I will make more books and probably  offer them on my Etsy shop.

Happy Crafting!!!

The World Of Freelance

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So I have been a busy bee finding legitimate writing gigs. It’s awfully hard considering that many sites you pitch and compete with others over rates. Thus driving  your pay down because the client wants the fastest and cheapest option. I simply cannot sell myself that short. But I am finally connecting with some people and finding real sites with real options. I am waiting to hear back  from a couple of connections on whether or not I will be doing some work for them. Pitching is scary work. I don’t feel like I am the greatest at selling myself to anyone. But since it’s all done by written word, it’s easier.

With Mercury going direct, communications very quickly cleared up and suddenly things were getting set up. Not necessarily in the freelance world, rather my personal life. And that is fantastic as the last 2 months have been incredibly frustrating and awful. So I am hoping with those things finally clearing up, my efforts at freelancing will start to see some fruition. I am not expecting tons and tons of work to start, I am reminding myself to be realistic. But overall, I just want to see something land my way soon.

I also have been dealing with this urge to write something book wise. I don’t know what it is. Someone a long time ago suggested that I write about my journey into my life now. But is my life THAT interesting? I don’t know. Still trying to figure out what that thing is that is gnawing at the back of my head.

I have some fantastic events coming up, some you can see on the Events Page. My stuff for this weekend is not. I am doing a class with some folks in which we begin studying the Viking Language. I am super excited about this! I already started some of the studies but I have yet to actually hear any of the language being spoken so that I am lacking. But I figured we might get to go over that on Saturday. Sunday we are celebrating Mabon at the Temple. Cannot wait. I miss my congregation like crazy. Feels like I haven’t seen them in forever. Which isn’t true, just saw them at full moon!

That’s it for now. Hoping to have more to chat about on Monday 🙂

On The Radio

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Over a year ago, I did a fantastic radio show and even did a reading online. I highly encourage checking out the link and listening in. It’s especially helpful for people who have not had a reading done, actually listen. It can alleviate a lot of fears 🙂

My Shop Is Live

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I have opened an Etsy shop! Angie’s Divine Things will feature one of a kind altar cloths that I create in my spare time. I am also making scrying mirrors each month to sell. I am not doing any kind of custom work as I don’t have the time to add that to my already busy schedule. Plus, to be painfully honest, I really don’t want to do custom work. My knitting tends to be on the fly and quite random.

I am slowly getting myself started as a content writer and I am hoping that it takes off soon. I am also working hard at finding new shops to read at so that I am spread out around town and filling in some empty spots.

I at least feel like I am in a good place!

New Changes

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So I am sitting in my new office space (which is not as glamorous as it sounds) and working hard at a list of things I need to get done while waiting for start up funds to clear for my new job. One of those things was to update things around here in this space. I have added a page in regards to services I offer. I did not include taking on students as I am still working on that and will add it as I get things more refined with that. I am also trying to tidy up the appearance. My biggest beef is that the font is too light considering the background. So I might just need to change the background so that the words are easier to read. Not sure yet. My friend, whom I usually run to for this sort of thing, is quite busy. So perhaps in the next week I can get that sorted.

I did change my header. I adored the Freyja header but once I removed a couple of unnecessary buttons from it, it got weird looking. So I am on the hunt for a new Freyja header. I might have to create it myself and I have no idea how well that will turn out. I am going to sit with my mountains header for just a bit while I get that worked out.

In the meantime, it’s off to Etsy to create a shop for all my scrying mirrors and knitted goodies. Didn’t make any mirrors this month, but that’s okay. I will have time to make more before October Full Moon.