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All Sorts Of Updates

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The big news is, I went through Clergy Orientation/Training at the local hospital. It will make it so much easier for me to access our pagan/non-Christian community members who are in the hospital and wish to have clergy be with them for spiritual guidance or rites before procedures. I am super excited about this and look forward to being of service.

I have updated my Events Page with all of my scrying sessions, workshops, and rituals for the year. This week I will finish writing all of those workshops and rites up so that I can begin working on my curriculum for teach Witchcraft. I am hoping that I will be kicking off the lessons by Jan 1. Since this is a new venture for me, I am a bit nervous about it.

I am also looking into learning Old Norse to help further my magic and rites to the Old Gods. I will be starting this month but my schedule is so hectic that I really won’t be knee deep into it until November.

On the business front I am working hard at streamlining registration for workshops online. I have set up my invoicing systems on Square and people can now pay online securely and through the same app I use on my phone. Having it all in one place will be lovely! I am hoping to figure out how to make gift certificates so that people can purchase those in the holiday season.

Busy busy busy! It’s that time of year and I love it!

Keeping That Momentum Going

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With all the stuff taking place, I am still moving forward and getting things done. Always feels good to be getting things done! Most recently I was interviewed for the Charm The Water podcast. Interviews always turn out great but I tend to be sooooo terribly nervous. I want to be that very fluid speaker but my brain and mouth seem to be detached. And my brain moves much faster! Anywho, it will be nice if I can squeeze in another interview this year (but after October LOL!).

Yesterday I did my clergy training at the hospital. I need to get a letter of appointment from our temple council to turn in and I get my badge next week. What this means is that I can gain access to almost every part of the hospital to be with any congregant. There are a few exceptions to that but not many. Being at the hospital will mean that anyone in our spiritual community (including those of you who are visiting us and have an unfortunate emergency) can request me to come and hold prayer, sacred space, anoint, or just chat, to assist in your healing process. This also means that if someone asks me to visit you because they are worried for you, I can go. BUT. You can also refuse me at any time. Overall I am excited but also nervous at learning the hospital process and making sure I don’t step on toes.

I have also gotten the rest of the calendar year planned at the shop. I added one event to the calendar here but due to my computer not wanting to cooperate, I have to wait to add the rest. In addition to readings, I have plenty of workshops coming. Baba Yaga, Krampus, and a ritual for Frau Holle are in the works. So much win for 2016!

Will post more soon and get the other events added within the week. Or at least I hope to. Blessed Be!

Updates and New Stuff

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So I recently had a meeting with a contact at the local hospital about volunteering to sit vigil with the dying, particularly those alone. Looks like I have a few hoops to jump through and initially I was overwhelmed by that. But ultimately I decided that those hoops are in place to make sure that I am very determined to do what I am called to do. So the very next step is to do some clergy training at the hospital and get a clergy badge for admittance. Then I will talk some more with them on how to volunteer my time and how I fit into their chaplain program that is already in place. I certainly won’t be making any money at this but I think it’s a fantastic start anyway. I still have a long list of people to talk to and just haven’t had the time.


I also had a friend contact me about a possible business venture downtown. I won’t be revealing what that is just yet but we are researching what we need to do to get that into place. Right now it’s something seasonal. Who knows what direction it could go in! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

Life threw me a curveball recently and I am reeling from it. But I am hanging on to those things that I am called to do and embracing that not only am I one tough chick, but I am also one really smart chick. I will get through this somehow. I have been repeatedly told that I am made for challenges. It would just be nice to experience an easy time for longer than a few months.

I don’t want to end this on a bad note so my gratitude for today is awesome friends, resourcefulness, and the Divines. I couldn’t do this without any one of them.