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I Made The Local Rag

A while back I was fortunate enough to get interviewed for the local newspaper that wanted to feature alternative religions during the month of June. And that article has finally hit the internet!


I am super proud of the article and pleasantly surprised at how well the picture turned out. I am not usually fond of pics that other people take of me. Feedback from co-workers and friends have been very positive. Tomorrow the paper copy comes out and that might be where the real test is. The usual commenters on the local paper tend to be super conservative and not-so-nice (to put it nicely). So we shall see. I am promising myself not to take things personal and if it gets to be too much, I stop looking!

And today also finds me adding an event here to the webpage (a vigil for Orlando) and sending an outline for an Ancestor Vigil to a friend in Johnson City (where I am going to be doing one of my own!). I am super excited about the leads for exciting stuff coming my way. I really cannot wait to share with you other things that I am working on!


Blessed Be My Lovies!!!!!!!!


Planning For 2017

Kennedy Trail Tree


So here I am, planning for travels in 2017. 2016 has rendered a few travels and I am bitten by the bug to move abroad, meet, network, and teach. I have several events on the eastern seaboard that I am looking at doing, whether I just attend or teach. As I book those events and get approvals for proposals, I will announce those events here in a post as well as put on my events calendar. As time goes by, I hope to be traveling further west and seeing how that side of the continent lives and practices. One of the places I really want to go to is Louisiana! But all in due time. I need to really brand myself a bit…..but not too much because I still want to be my authentic self. And as I travel, I will be posting more about those events in recap style posts. So I am all ears, if you think of an event that might be a great one to visit I would love you to comment or shoot me an email. I will say this, please do not recommend Salem Mass in October! Firstly, I cannot go too far from NC as I am often quite busy in October here with temple events. Secondly, that’s just too crowded for my tastes and I will be happy to visit our Witchy Family at other times of the year.


I can’t wait to see what the year holds 🙂