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Beltane Blue Ridge Festival



So on May 13-15 I was at the Blue Ridge Beltane Festival and it was nothing short of fabulous. Everyone was incredibly sweet and kind and it made for such a welcoming event.



My most favorite night was that Friday night when the Bel fire was lit. I even stepped out of my insecure little box and flaunted a cute belly dance type outfit with my soft belly exposed and a double slit skirt to accentuate my most favorite body part……my legs. The energy raised in circle was amazing and intense. Even campers not with the festival joined us and commented on how much they loved it and have never experienced anything like it. After the rite we dance around that fire, something I have been too shy to do in about 15 years. I usually dance behind closed doors with a room full of women I feel safe with.

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I got to meet some fantastic people like Danny of Tuatha Dea and Patti from About.com, whom also brought her friend that I instantly bonded with (we are from the same hometown so of course we did!). There were other people I met that I did not get pics with and next time I am making a point to selfie with EVERY. ONE.


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Of course there was shopping to be had. Such as the above statue that many of you True Blood fans will recognize. She resides on our family altar. I also got fitted for a fantastic corset that I absolutely adore. I cannot wait for the Suicide Squad opening night because I am totally cosplaying Harley Quinn in it.

Overall it was just so much fun. I didn’t want to leave and it physically hurt to have to leave. I am completely planning on attending again next year. Some of us are going to step up the camping game and get better gear and coordinate with each other so that we can share a site and meals over a camp stove together. See you in 2017!

Plans In The Making



I am in the midst of some amazing happenings. I have a schedule for readings and classes through October. I just have to get them up here and I am slowly getting that going. I have been also been called to learn and practice Seidr. While I don’t know of any teachers in my area, I am meeting people who engage in that practice and hopefully can figure out what the next step is. I have also been asked to participate in some local psychic fairs. Due to my schedule I have had to cancel with one and turn down another. But I am hearing about another one in July and I should be able to take that one on.


Heimdall has also become a pretty big force in my life and I am working with that in a pretty fluid manner.  He is infuriating at times but aren’t all the Divines slightly annoying when they don’t bend to our will? Fortunately Freyja approves and I can see that my spiritual path and practice will lean more towards the Norse/Germanic as I grow.  I am also looking at more crafty things to do that are in line with my Bloodlines. Most recently I discovered Ukranian embroidery and I am going to start designing altar cloths in that manner. Because all of my crafts end up becoming altar cloths!

I am going to post about the Beltane festival I recently attended so keep an eye out for that!